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Thursday 25/05/2023
Kvaernerveien 1, 0192 OSLO 

Save the date!
Committee work is underway, and this year's theme has been decided:

Long-distance trains: The environmentally friendly choice 

What does the future look like?

This seminar is worth attending. We invite speakers from all environments who can contribute their insight to develop and improve how we manage all rolling stock in Norway.

Read more about the speakers and their contribution to the programme: 

Stands will be set up where the participants of the seminar can see the various innovative ideas and contributions to this year's theme. 

The ticket price is NOK 1500 excl. VAT. This includes an exciting seminar, lunch and as much coffee and tea as your heart desires. 

After last year's success, this year we have also chosen to gather the most enthusiastic participants for a better dinner after the seminar. The price of this type of ticket is 2250 excl. VAT. 

Let us know in advance if you have allergies or intolerances and we will take that into account. 

Buy your tickets easy here: 

TOGPRAT 2023 is still in the planning stage, but we expect more information about the seminar itself to be published in March 2023.

Does your company want to be a sponsor? Contact Sara Lyons:

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